A Genuine Oddity

I find I haven’t yet touched on what may be the most remarkable thing about Cancerland, which is that, once you are abducted and transported to it, are fully processed and have been entered in the database, after that, it no longer matters where you travel — you are still in Cancerland.  It goes with you, the way your nationality goes with you.

It’s more than that, though.  An American in France is still an American, of course.  But he or she is in fact in France.  Cancerlanders in France, however,  are not only still Cancerlanders, they are still in fact in Cancerland, albeit in French disguise.

In other words, there is no leaving Cancerland.  You can arrange for changes of venue.  You can contrive to surround yourself with people who speak the languages of other countries.  Indeed, you can contrive to surround yourself with the sights of other countries, even the famous ones, the Leaning Tower, the Kremlin, the Himalayas.  But it will always be abundantly clear to you, however odd or gutteral or musical the lingo, however strange the food, however gaudy the customs and costumes, that you really haven’t gone anywhere at all.

Cancerland is the geographic equivalent of the time warp in the film Groundhog Day.

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  1. Good Mid-morning…..Yes, and I love that line that Phil Connors said; ~ No matter what happens tomorrow or for the rest of my life, I’m happy now.~

    You now have what is called a dual-citizenship. But you may find that you are often shunned by your dual citizenship in Canerland.

    This citizenship is still notorious here in the Healthy United States for evoking stupid people. Some who know about your dual-citizenship often run for the hills as if it is transmittable while asking about your adventure only from afar.

    Canerland citizenship often only brings out those in the minority who clearly care, want to know more, and are eager to lend a hand. Cause, often it invokes dislike, fear and plain stupidity among those whom you thought would be right there with you.

    Billy Bob (our Son) worked at the local watering hole when both my father-in-law and hubby received their dual-citizenships. He was amazed and angered at the number of friends/family that would simple ask daily, “How’s your Dad or Grandpa doing? Time and time and time again. Until one day he simple snapped and began to replied, “He’s at home, why not stop by and ask him yourself! I‘m sure he would love to see you”


  2. Hello – I come to you from my dear friend Mari (she of the comment right above me in fact!) Mari told me I simply must read your blog and she was right. I have no intimate immediate knowledge of cancer — I have seen it take friends and family, but it has not come knocking at my door and frankly I hope it never finds my address. May I say you have a literary style that is completely mesmerizing and somewhat haunting. I applaud you in your journey as you sound very brave. I on the other hand would be the weeping kitten in the corner. I’ll be back to visit again real soon. In the meantime, I send you blessings of strength and thank you for reminding me (as does Mari) that each day is indeed a gift. Hugs, Linda

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