Cancerland & Its Time Zones

People ask me, When it’s 12:00 noon GMT, what time is it in Cancerland?  And the answer is — time for chemotherapy.

But then it seems always to be time for chemotherapy in Cancerland.  You can be scheduled for a treatment at noon, there come all sorts of delays, and you get your noon treatment at four, but it somehow anyway finishes when it would have finished had it started at noon.

The other confusing thing is that, so far as I have been able to reckon, the Cancerland hour has 75 minutes in it.  Suppose, for instance, at noon, someone tells you you have an hour of treatment left.  An hour passes by your watch (which cannot be reset to Cancerland time) and the nurse/doctor/practitioner returns to say, Only fifteen minutes left.

I expect these various anomalies arise because the entire question of time, time left, time to go, time to come, is vastly complicated here.  How much time, doc, is a fraught question.

For instance, when I think about this at all, I like to think of the calendar as made up of dozens of months rather than years.  Same diff, of course.  But double-digit numbers are better than single-digit ones, if you see what I mean.

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  1. Good evening! Or Night! I think…..It’s late.

    I had to reflect about this one a little, and I was traveling when I got the text about your new post out. Forgive me, for being so late in responding to your post, which by they way, I so look forward to each and everyone of them. Thank you! (Some of my responses could use an Editor! Sorry, love to write just not the best.)

    Oh, Yes……Time.

    MacGyver and I found the “time keeping” there (in Cancerland) rather comforting, and use it today in the H.U.S.A. Odd as that sounds.

    You see, we learned that our lives, before the ticket to Cancerland, were rather like that frantic hare in Alice of Wonderland. We found no expiration times/dates imprinted on our feet, hands or forehead, yet we raced though life as if there were.

    Then, of course, came Cancerland and time.

    It was then we realized that by looking back, or dreaming of the future gave us nothing back or secured any dreams. It was the and is the now, the present that is most satisfying and gives us a destiny.

    I love those watches where the numbers are scatted everywhere, and written in the center is simple, WHAT EVER! Well….. Here you go, another opportunity. Someone needs to hand out a Welcome to Canerland goodie bag, which includes but not limited to, a plug in snuggie, several pairs of flannel ICU uniforms, and a WHAT EVER watch.

    Hugs and prayers!

  2. Peter, Terrible news but cancerland is a brilliant concept and the writing is wonderful. I never thought you’d go to such lengths to be recognized by the world as the great writer you’ve always been. Hope your treatment stops all this. — Bill

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